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Fisherman's Fishing and Hunting Licorice Anise Handcrafted Hand and Body Soap

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A fish and wildlife attractant, this specially formulated handcrafted Artisan cold-pressed Licorice soap is a must-have for the fisherman's fishing bait and hook bait attractant kit and for hunters.

We've taken Anise and our special blend of ingredients to create a soap that cleans your hands and helps eliminate human odors that can transfer to your lure when handling them. Try washing tackle with this soap; it cleans and coats your lure with the scent of Anise making it more attractive to all fish. Wonderful for removing fishy smells from hands after cleaning fish.

Animals can be attracted to this soap so don't use when camping in areas where dangerous animals roam, unless of course you're a hunter and want to attract them.

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