*We love the wigs; they're amazing! -Hollywood, CA 

*Now THIS right HERE, looks like a weave that costs others $800; I love it!- Chino Hills, CA

* I know Sapphire won't send me to set, on stage, or on the red carpet telling me my hair is cute even though it is a substandard embarrassing mess. Thank you Sapphire!- Hollywood, CA

* Hey Sapphire, Thanks so much for today you killed it!- Porter Ranch, CA

* Thank you, Sapphire.  It was awesome meeting you, too, last week.  Thank you for sharing your time and beautiful spirit with me.  It was, indeed, a pleasure.- Los Angeles, CA 

* I so enjoyed working with you and just really cannot thank you enough for making me look so beautiful on my wedding day. You did such a great, great job and I received so many complements. I felt so secure and happy and that was absolutely priceless. You are the best!- Westlake, CA

* Thank you for my FANTASTIC wig; it was beautiful!- Anaheim, CA 

* You did a great job on this show.  I admire your hard work, your drive, your hustle, and your smile- Second 2nd AD- LA

* THANK YOU for my hair cut! You do an amazing job!!!!- Burbank, CA 

* You were the friendliest, very professional, best hair dresser I had talked about to this day!!!- Cincinnati, OH 

* Will definitely keep your contact info and recommend you for whatever I can!  You are awesome!  Have a great day off and see you tomorrow!!!- Script Supervisor- Encino, CA  

* Such an honor to have met you! Your energy shines like the brightest star in the sky! Such a beautiful soul inside of a beautiful woman. Thank you for being you, the world is a better place because of it.- Los Angeles, CA 

* Dear Sapphire, I am writing to let you know how very pleased I am with the pony tail hair piece you created for me. It was made to my specific requirements and I am so pleased by the results. Secondly, I must congratulate you on your professionalism, your respect for your clients and your pitch perfect customer service.  I've owned my own business for nearly twenty years and I know that customer service is the foundation for a successful business.  I have nothing but the highest regard for your work ethic and nothing but complete surety that your business will continue to be successful and grow.- Los Angeles, CA 

* It was a pleasure getting to work with you. Your talent as well as your great attitude made the days easy, comfortable and memorable. A job very well done. I look forward to working with you again...soon! -Sacramento, CA 

* Hey Sapphire, I am really happy you still thought about me to mention my name on your website I think that's really cool, I have much respect for you and when I make it you're going be the only one in my head. I think that you are an amazing person to be around and do business with, so I will always stay in contact with you and when I get down there I will be calling you very soon, because you are my beautician... still!!!!! lol--Cleveland, OH 

* Charlayne's hair was a thing of beauty and art!! Gorgeous! Thank you!!!- Venue in Los Angeles, CA

* Sapphire is a phenomenal on set hair designer/stylist. We thoroughly enjoyed working with her on the set of "Eye of the Hurricane." She always greeted us with a warm smile and a hug in the morning. Wendi was very comfortable working with her every day. I would recommend Sapphire for any upcoming projects.Thanks Sapphire and many blessings to you always.-Los Angeles, CA  

* Miss Sapphire is such a professional stylist! She came right over to where I was, equipped with everything she needed to take care of my hair, and took a sincere interest in my concerns. After my 1st appointment with her, I'm already impressed and I highly recommend her. Miss Sapphire is such a hard working stylist and is highly educated in her profession.- North Hollywood, CA 

 * Sapphire is polished and professional. She went above and beyond for my 3 daughters and we are thrilled! If you need a skilled stylist with the best personality, Sapphire is truly a jewel. She delivers on style, knowledge of hair types, tips for hair care, quality products and peace of mind. I watched her work with efficiency, care and creativity...she is clearly experienced and talented. We are so lucky to have you in Burbank!- Burbank, CA 

 * I'm getting compliments left and right on this hair color.  I think we have a keeper!-West Hollywood, CA  

* Sapphire!  Thank you AGAIN for making us beautiful for my birthday party.  I had one of the best nights of my life, and you played a HUGE role in making my special evening a success.  You are awesome!!  
Thank you again, and I will be seeing you soon!- West Hollywood, CA 


Sapphire is professional, friendly and obviously knows hair. I asked for the short Steve McQueen and that's exactly what I got! I am happy to recommend Hair by Sapphire. - Los Angeles, CA 

I just had my first consultation with Sapphire and she was incredible! I love the personalized service and am looking forward to working with Sapphire to get my look together. She really knows her stuff!- Woodland Hills, CA 

 * Nice working with you as well. You were very attentive and did your job well, I must say. I will definitely keep you in mind! Thanks! - Los Angeles, CA 

* Amazing job yesterday Sapphire. You are truly one in a million and a professional through and through. I am proud and honored to have you as a part of the team. -Lithonia, GA 

* I want you on every set Sapphire.  You are so sweet and awesome at what you do.  I hope we work together plenty in the future.- Smyrna, GA 

* Sapphire, Everyone looked great on the set of Deadbeat and I had to look carefully to notice you running around working your butt off to make it so.  Your work was professional and nearly transparent- the mark of a truly great hair/make-up person.  Thank you for all your help on the four-day shoot! -Smyrna, GA 

 * "Thanks Sapphire.... You're more than welcome and thanks a lot for choosing me to work with you guys. It was my pleasure. Your attitude is the best by far. More importantly, your hair styling skill is superb. I walk around town and in California, people approached me and said "hey, I love your hair." Thanks for making me pretty and get people to come flirt with me. LOL But seriously"- Atlanta, GA 

 * "Wow!  In ATL shooting with Sapphire...I am not worthy...the girl awesomely creative...wait till you see the pics!..."- Atlanta, GA 

 *  "I found an artist with vision...her name is Sapphire! Great images coming soon...!"- Decatur, GA 

*  "Sapphire you are a Gem, cause your creativity with hair is awesome! I loved working with you yesterday, had a blast!
Can't wait until next time. Kisses XOXO"- Decatur, GA

*   "It was nice meeting you.  You really did a great job on my hair. I am in love with the new hair extensions. Expect a call from 2 of my co-workers this week.Thanks again."- Sandy Springs, GA 

*   "Hey Ms Sapphire. Just checking in to let you know he LOVES the new weave."- Sandy Springs, GA

*  "It was a pleasure working with you.  You have such a calming and peaceful spirit.  Not to mention that your level of creativity and execution is exquisite"- Atlanta, GA 

*  "You got skills! We must do more! Thanks for hanging in there yesterday". -New York/Atlanta, GA  

* "You are very talented let me know if you are ever in the houston area" - Houston, TX 

"Ms.sapphire...anyone tell you that you should be a model coach? LOL, girlfriend, you had me working! I thank you for the beautiful tresses! It was a pleasure working with you, you have such a bright and bubbly spirit and it reflects in the work you produce! I look forward to working with you very soon! Thanks for everything beautiful!"- Atlanta, GA 

* "Sapphire, your are one of the warmest people that you can meet randomly...your smile can make the coldest persons day...I had the best time working with you and experiencing your services first hand...and yes you can bump some hair...lol...i know we will be working together soon...(check your inbox)..".- Atlanta, GA 

* Just stopping by to wholeheartedly thank you for the job you did the other night. Not only was your work excellent, the team just jived so well. I think that every single member wanted the very best to come out of this shoot and it shows in the images. Even if you did not do one stitch of hair, your personality alone was enough to invite you back to anything, I may have in the future. The thing I like best about you is the fact that you know how to think for yourself and your treatment of others is the best I have ever seen. You are a blessing and I am so grateful to have had you as a big part of this very special event. You could give the class on Attitude. I wish everyone could be just like you - Atlanta, GA 

*  "My hair looks fab today! thank you!  It looks so healthy and flowy and silky - you go girl!"- Sandy Springs, GA 

* "Sapphire! You are becoming one of my peoples!!! You are always a pleasure to be around. Love your spirit, personality and sense of humor. You did it again on the hair!"- Atlanta, GA 

*  "I LOVE THOSE PICS!!! OMG ... my hair looks great. Whenever you're ready to put that razor comb in my hair i'm ready"- Atlanta, GA 

*  "It was a pleasure meeting and working with you today..God has truly blessed you with a great talent...keep it up...let me know when ya wanna do it again!!!" 

*  "Today was GREAT .. i LOVE LOVE LOVE my new hair. Thanx again ...keep in touch!" - Atlanta, GA 

*  "I have to agree w/ Lene I so LOVE my hair...thanks for everything today, I'll be bak!! (w/ friends lol)"- Atlanta, GA 

*  "I love your work Mama. I could really use u."-Decatur, GA 

*  "It would be delightful to work with you on this project. I have seen your work and it is very captivating." -Riverdale, GA 

* "The best hairstylist I know." -Cleveland, OH 

* "You are good at what you do and it shows. I like that you display versatility with the different ethnic hair and doing it well. I wished that you were here. There's another one in my area that rocks the hair. She too can do any ethnicity. I'm adding you to my favorites and friend's list." -California 

*  "Skills, Oh my, I wish you were closer..." -New York 

*  "Luv your work !! if ever in the local area , contact me !! would luv to work with you one day ! much luv god bless !"-Oregon 

*  "Nice Work, Very pleasant!"-California 

*  "You have a nice and diverse range of hairstyles in your port. You are very talented. Keep up the great work!"-Michigan 

*  "You have a very unique style, it's very original. keep up the artistic balance in your work."-Pennsylvania

"YOUR IMAGE IS EVERYTHING"- Book with Sapphire at: (310) 963-2067, OR Email: hairbysapphire@gmail.com