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* Mariah Carey Christmas Special (2021)  (Hair Department Head), Apple TV

* The Oscars 2020 (Personal Hair Stylist for Ms. Gisela), Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences/ABC-TV

*.Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 8 (Wig Stylist), VH1, CW, MTV, MTV2, PopTV, and Logo 

Golden Globe Awards (Personal Hair Stylist for Ms. Elvi Canu)

* The Gayle King Grammy Special w/Jonas Brothers (Personal Hair Stylist for Ms. Gayle King), CBS Television

*The Bold and the Beautiful (Personal Hair Stylist for Ms. Karla Mosley)

*American Horror Story (Hair Stylist), 20th Century Fox 

*The Voice (Hair/Wig Stylist), NBC Universal

* Rupaul's Secret Celebrity Drag Race Season 2 (Wig Stylist), VH1, CW, MTV, MTV2, PopTV, and Logo 

*Young Sheldon (Hair Stylist), Chuck Lorre Productions

*This is Us (Hair/Wig Stylist), 20th Century Fox Television

*Rupaul Drag Race Season 15 (Wig Stylist), VH1, CW, MTV, MTV2, PopTV, and Logo 

*The Unicorn (Hair Stylist), CBS Television

*Perry Mason (Hair Stylist), Cooler Waters Productions, LLC

*Space Force (Hair Stylist), 3 Arts Entertainment

*Hollywood (Hair Stylist), Ryan Murphy Productions

*Party of Five, (Hair Stylist), Woodridge Productions

*Crime Time (Key Hair Stylist), Bite Size Productions

*America Says (Hair/Wig Stylist), Entertainment One Reality Productions

*Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards (Hair Department Head Hair Designer)

*Common Knowledge (Hair Stylist), Game Show Network

*Twin Peaks (Hair Stylist), David Lynch, Showtime Network

*Sydney to the Max (Key Hair Stylist), It's a Laugh Productions

*Coop & Cami (Hair Stylist), It's A Laugh Productions, Inc. 

*Good Trouble (Hair Stylist), Trojan Bellisario, Blazing Elm Entertainment

*The More You Know (Hair Stylist), NBC/Universal, Stanley L. Morse, Moving Parts Inc.

*Broken Sidewalk (Hair Department Head), Aaron McPherson, Sanford Street Productions

*Foursome, (Key Hair Stylist), Amy York Rubin, AwesomenessTV 

*The Daily Fix w/John Henson Project with Ray Romano (Key Hair Stylist), (CBS), Outside Productions

*Game Changers with Kevin Frazier (CBS) (Make-up)

*Days of Our Lives (Hair Stylist), (NBC), Albert Alarr, Corday Productions

*The Bold and the Beautiful (Wig Stylist, Hair Stylist), Phillip-Bell Productions


*Grow Up" (Personal Hair Stylist for Ms. Golden Brooks), Henry Mason, Tiny Elephant

*Caged No More, (Personal Hair Stylist for Mrs. Loretta Devine), Lisa Arnold, Red Entertainment

*Lacrimosa, (Personal Wig Maker for Mr. Michael Spady), Austin Chapman, Art of the Story Productions

*Wolves at the Door, Add'l Photography (Hair Department Head)-Time Period Piece, John R. Leonetti, New Line Cinema

*Deadbeat, (Hair Department Head Hair Designer), Anthony McHie, DIM Pictures

*Nine Eleven, Add'l Photography (Hair Department Head)- Martin Guigui, The Film House

*Lights Out, Add'l Photography (Hair Department Head), David Sandberg, Grey Matter Productions

*Blonde, (Hair Stylist), Andrew Dominik, Brunette Productions, LLC 

*Distant Vision (Wig Stylist, Hair Stylist)- Time Period Piece, Francis Ford Coppola

*Hickok (aka Abilene) (Key Hair Stylist)- Time Period Piece, Timothy Woodward Jr., Status Media Entertainment

*Attraction, (Hair Department Head), Jesus del Cerro, Eminence, Inc. 

*20th Century Women (Hair Stylist),-Time Period Piece, Mike Millls, Annapurna Pictures

*Showing Roots, (Wig Stylist, Hair Stylist)- Time Period Piece, Michael Wilson, Michael Mailer Films

*The Obituary of Tunde Johnson, (Hair Stylist), Ali Leroi, We Work Hollywood

*Free Spirit (Hair Stylist), Emil Nava, Rojas Vision Inc.

*President Evil (Wig Stylist), Richard Lowry, Giant Meteor Films

*People You May Know (Hair Stylist), JC Falcon, LA Panda Productions

*Ding, (Hair Department Head Hair Designer), Bola Mustapha

*Entity (Hair Department Head Hair Designer), Deon Taylor, No Brainer Films/Steak Haus Productions

*The Devil’s Carnival: Alleluia! (Wig StylistHair Stylist),-Time Period Piece,  Darren Bousman, Enderby Productions

*Stockholm, Pennsylvania (Key Hair Stylist), Geoff Linville, Nikole Beckwith, Olympus Productions

*Untitled Michael Giacchino Project (Wig Stylist, Hair Stylist), Michael Giacchino, Bad Robot Productions

*Qwerty, (Hair Stylist), Chil Kong, Happy Pixels Productions


Time Period Wig Stylist


Dick's Sporting Goods- (Key Hair Stylist)

Ford- (Key Hair Stylist)

Uber- (Key Hair Stylist)

USAA Bank- (Hair Stylist)

LyfeLite Light Bulbs- (Key Hair Stylist) 

DirectBuy- (Key Hair Stylist)

Esurance- (Hair Stylist)


*The Spotlight Awards, (Personal Hair and Make-up for Mrs. Charlayne Woodard)

* The Nutcracker Miami City Ballet, (Hair Stylist)

*The National Ballet of Canada: Adventures of Alice in Wonderland, (Wig Stylist, Facial Hair Stylist)

*Scooby Doo! Live Musical Mysteries, (Hair Department Head Hair (Wigs)) (Dolby Theater formerly Kodak Theater)

*Jackie Unveiled, (Wig Stylist)


'Waves"- Normani & 6Lack- (Hair Stylist)

“Homerun”Juelz Santana ft. Lil Wayne- (Hair Stylist)

“Hello” - Stafford Brothers ft. Lil Wayne & Christina Milian- (Hair Stylist)

"Lady Boss"- Rachel Bloom- Vanity Fair Founders Fair (Hair Department Head Hair Stylist) 

“Beautiful”- Parker Ighile- (Personal Hair Stylist and Make-up for Mr. Parker Ighile)


*Farm to Table, (Hair Department Head, Wig Stylist), Ryan Perez, Abominable Pictures

*Pembroke Academy, (Hair Department Head, Wig Stylist), Tim Wilkime, Abominable Pictures, Inc.

*Foursome (Key Hair Stylist), Amy York Rubin, (Youtube), AwesomenessTV

*Sexy Times, (Hair Department Head), Alex Fernie, Egregious Entertainment, LLC

*Cool Dad, (Hair Department Head), Ariel Gardner, Abominable Pictures, Inc.

*Nuclear Political Ad, (Hair Department Head), Ryan Perez, Abominable Pictures, Inc.

*Funny or Die Michele Bachman Video Parody, (Hair Department Head Hair Stylist (Wigs)) Paul Levin, Red Thorn Productions/Katy Foley, Distributed by


*Cuffons Catalog- (Hair Department Head Hair Stylist and Make-up)

*Nairobi Professional Hair Systems- (Hair Department Head Hair Stylist)

*CBS Henry Ford Innovation Nation CBS "Lucky Dog"- (Key Hair Stylist)

*CBS Dream Team- (Key Hair Stylist)


Alonzo Ephraim (NFL)

Amelia Wray

Brian Doyle-Murray

Carson Kressley
Cassidy Gifford
Chris Burns
Chrissy Teigen
Christopher Adkins
Dallas Lovato
Drake Hogestyn
Drock Lynn

Gayle King
Golden Brooks
Governor Bobby Jindal
Gregg Wayans
Gregory Cruz

John Michael Higgins
Jon Briddell
Jose Zuniga

Kevin Daley (NBA)

Kevin Frazier

Kevin Sorbo
Lindsay Rhodes

Lil Nas X
Loretta Devine
Luis Guzman

Parker Ighile
Patton Oswalt
Paul Sorvino
Perla Ferrar
Rachel Bloom
Ray Romano
Reuynard Williams (NFL)
Richard Deguilio

Ross Matthews

Rupaul Charles
Shadmehr Aghili
Stafford Brothers (Matt)
Ted Neeley
Tim Paulk (NFL)
William Green (NFL)


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